Andrei Ruse

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Novel, "Ego. Prose" series, Polirom, 2011, 304 pages

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Critics about

“Brisk images and lively action, with suspense, distortion and dreams, but also a critical spirit that is harsh and unforgiving when it comes to everything that surrounds the characters, from society, habitat, morals, sentiments and sentimentality, and politics to the smallest details, such as the streets, parks, outdoor filth, indoor filth, drab housing blocks, 7-11 stores, soft drinks full of chemicals, artificially coloured foodstuffs made to erode your computer, i.e. your brain, grass, lines of coke, joints, spliffs…”

(Virgil RATIU)

“On the surface, a detective novel, but in fact a book about drugs. Essentially, a book of multiple ideas, images and sensations. A book of thoughts about the world, life and people. A book with macabre poetic, philosophical and erotic passages. A book of foul-mouthed curses and fragments of surrealist painting. A book that makes you cry, in public or in private, depending where you read it.”


“Readers of this novel will be confronted with a book that shifts the parameters of the subject under discussion. The fact that the main character is a policeman working for the anti-drugs squad alters the stakes from the outset as far as what has been possible in Romanian literature up to now is concerned, but behind this play of silhouettes is revealed the gambit that lends weight to Ruse’s endeavour in this novel.”

(Marian EANA)

“In his latest book, Dealer for a Day, Andrei Ruse explores a bold theme: what is the freedom we wish for? Is it the freedom laid down by the law or that of free will? Dealer for a Day is a fast-paced book, written outside the bounds of prejudices and inside the glass wall of the law.”



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