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Novel, "Marta Petreu" series, Polirom, 2011, 328 pages

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Critics about

At Home, on the Plain of Armageddon already promises to be one of the great successes of this year, the novel of a writer who has proven yet again that she can reinvent herself in a credible way, without abandoning the space of her own sensibility.”


At Home, on the Plain of Armageddon is a book by an author who is heretical in relation to everything else, from the wider world to her own literary generation. It is a ‘book of rage,’ constructed as the confession of a character who has reached a crossroads, at a moment when she can chart ‘the map of her dead.’”


“The originality of her vision is beyond doubt and appears from multiple viewpoints. In one important respect, At Home on the Plain of Armageddeon is a social novel, a complex book.”


“Marta Petreu has access to the ultimate truth of the confession, which, as they say, is written within the self. At Home, on the Plain of Armageddon is a major achievement for Marta Petreu and for contemporary Romanian prose.”

(Cosmin CIOTLOS)


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