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Novel, "Ego Prose" serie, Polirom, 2007, 201 pages

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Critics about

“It is a very good thing that A Hundred Years at the Gates of the Orient has just been republished. It was first published immediately after 1990, but books published back then fell into a void. People were not interested in literature, but rather in memoirs, diaries and books about political imprisonment. Thus, the initiative to place an important book back in circulation is very welcome.”

(Carmen Musat)

“Whereas for readers of the 1990s literature was a conglomerate in which genres were indistinguishable, there is now a clearer perception, and people are interested in seeing the differences. The republication of Ioan Grosan’s novel will be a challenge for today’s readers, and it will be very interesting to see how the text is received on a new reading. The pleasing and provocative exhalation of this novel still lingers for me.”

(Ioan Es. Pop)

“Ioan Grosan is one of the few creators of a new school who has not become prisoner to a single epic formula. With mature complicity, he combines the experience of intertextuality with the Faulknerian spirit and Chekovian meticulousness in his description of existential platitude.”

(Radu G. Teposu)

A Hundred Years at the Gates of the Orient is constructed from short and brisk tableaux, furnished by the 17th Century but penned by an ’eighties‑generation prose‑writer with a taste for textualist saga and derision. The passages in which Groșan’s world takes shape are seemingly cut‑outs from all that is most succulent in the Levant and the world at its gates : furtive‑eyed and sprightly‑hearted monks, Moldavian princes who swallow the dumpling of dethronement and then lobby vigorously in Istanbul, Armenian taverns and inn courtyards, where tales and above all wine flow beneath the gaze of fetching maids.”

(Alina Purcaru, Cotidianul)


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