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Novel, "Fiction Ltd."” series, Polirom, 2010, 304 pages

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Critics about

“Dividing his time between mathematics and literature, Suceavă has called the writing of fiction his true passion. Perhaps not surprisingly, Suceavă’s work displays the order and structure of a mathematical mind. But while much of his fiction can be considered exemplary of realism, elements of fantasy frequently predominate. Regardless of the theme, Suceavă’s works often vacillate between the comic and tragic, between the peaceful and the explosive, and, as with Daddy Wants TV Saturday Night, between the physical and metaphysical.”

(Ehren SCHIMMEL and Sanda CORDOŞ , Review of Contemporary Fiction)

“In 2010, the situation of Bogdan Suceavă the prose writer is completely different to what it was in 2004, after almost a decade in which he has accumulated a number of outstanding books, in which he has tackled diverse subjects and registers, giving shape to a distinctive style and vision, a voice that is immediately recognisable among the host of young writers who have come to the fore in the meantime.”

(Andrei SIMUŢ)

“Bogdan Suceavă seems destined by merit to public and critical acclaim.”

(Horia GÂRBEA)

“In Bogdan Suceavă we find a well-rounded writer whose literary resources prefigure an evolution towards the level attained by the great names of inter-war Romanian literature. His books have, without exception, been well received by the critics, most have been awarded prizes, and their author has been compared with Ion Barbu, Jorge Luis Borges and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.”



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