Matei Florian

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Novel, "Ego Prose" series, Polirom, 2009, 262 pages

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Critics about

Both Hams And Regretel is a book of strange beauty, without compare in Romanian literature.”

(Marius CHIVU)

“Matei Florian’s solo debut with Both Hams And Regretel was greeted at the end of last year as a literary Christmas present and as a ‘book unique in Romanian literature’. (…) The narrator of this surrealistic opus, whose chapters, seven in number, all begin with the magical formula ‘Good morning!’ is a solitary young man, who, at the onset of winter (and, as we later learn, on the threshold of death), has withdrawn to a ‘ramshackle house’ in the mountains, built for an unreachable (and, as we later learn, dead) lover, to whom he sends long, heart-rending and incoherent love letters, describing his loneliness, which, by way of compensation, is populated with miraculous creatures.”


Both Hams And Regretel is a singular book in the current literary landscape, a delicate, ludic text, with notes of fairytale and irresistible humour, which reveals the full extent of Matei Florian’s talent as a writer, establishing him as an idiosyncratic voice.”


“This is a rare, hybrid book of moods and contrasts, which, in the apparent delirium in which it unfolds on first contact, hides the clarity in which, for whoever has the time and patience, unfold even the most tangled of emotions and ordeals, as a rule those that are the most essential.”



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