Filip Florian, Matei Florian

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Novel, "Ego Prose" series, Polirom, 2006, 264 pages

Copyright: Polirom

Translation rights sold to: Czarne (Poland), Acantilado (Spain), Panorama + (Bulgaria), University of Plymouth Press (United Kingdom)

Critics about

“There is no way you could not like it. You have to like it !”

(Mihai Iovanel, Cultura)

“I assure you that you won’t have read anything like The Băiuț Alley Lads ! And not just because the novel has been written by four hands, by two brothers, but also because it is very rare to find someone who has written about childhood with so much style, winningly blending fantasy with nostalgia and humour.”

(Marius Chivu, Romania Liberă)

“Paradise exists – it was invented by two brothers somewhere on Baiut Alley. This book by brothers Matei and Filip Florian delicately and innocently skirts a gloomy epoch. Not because any political annulment of the regime is part of their candid concerns, but because the Ceausescus, secret police informers in their block, and ideologies are absolutely secondary to the story. They are far from possessing the power of a Steaua‑Dynamo match, or a neighbourhood game of football where defeat ends in tears and sobs.”

(Florentina Ciuverca, Evenimentul Zilei)

The Baiut Alley Lads is not a book about ‘today’s world’, but a lucid submersion in the magic of an intimate past. Solidary over time, the two cavalier‑brothers from Baiut compose with humour and ironic delicacy a fresh and charming book about the everyday miracle of their childhood during the Ceausescu regime, one of the most beautiful ‘young books’ to have been published in Romania in recent years.”

(Paul Cernat, Bucurestiul Cultural)

“The Florian brothers’ book remains one of the most convincing novels about communism.”

(Andrei Terian, Cultura)

The Baiut Alley Lads is an extraordinary tale – with two voices that are extremely different, but which communicate perfectly, with broad thrusts and scrupulous contradictions, with refrains as long as a series of parallel histories, and with much love – of a fabulous family from a place in which nothing is accidental.”

(Simona Sora, Dilema Veche)


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