Dora Pavel

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Novel, Fiction LTD series, Polirom, 2010, 248 pages

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Critics about

“From so many novels competing to exhaust the subject matter of communism, Dora Pavel’s book is a breath of fresh air, a pioneering work. Dora Pavel has the strengths of the great contemporary novelists.”

(Bogdan ROMANIUC, Suplimentul de culturã)

“The opening of Dora Pavel’s novel displays the strength of a long-practiced prose writer. You read the first sentence, extending over almost twenty lines, all in one breath. It rapidly introduces the reader into the heart of the subject, daringly challenging him in a mode of address to which, assuredly, he will not be able to remain aloof.”

(Iulia IARCA, România literarã)

Powder wagers on two winning moves: the first is the treatment of an existential and religious taboo in a mocking way, as an imposture, in the manner in which it appears in contemporary prose worldwide … The second is the articulation of a rebellion against lifelikeness even within a realist convention strictly dependent on the lifelike. This crucially important wager, together with the startling entrée into the subject, makes Powder an excellent novel, which achieves not only a set of aesthetic performances but also offers an engrossing read, one that competes for the highest echelon of contemporary Romanian prose.”

(Mihaela URSA, Apostrof)

“Dora Pavel completely re-invented herself as a writer with the novel Agatha Dying (2003). The young novelist (if not by age, then at least by vocation, she is an author of the ‘2000 Generation’) has not yet given up her new identity, however, and threatens to become one of the most professional voices in current prose. … Powder reconfirms the talent of an original prose writer, with her own specific imagery and obsessions, who is worth watching carefully in future.”

(Alex GOLDIŞ, Vatra)


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