Ana Maria Sandu

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Novel, “Ego. Prose” series, Polirom, 2006, 224 pages

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Critics about

“The success of The Girl from the Oblong House resides in its powerful poetry of evocation, memory, and the phantasms of all the characters, who are nothing but avatars of one and the same eminently feminine voice. All that I can hope is that henceforth this cruel, strange and highly original novel will bring Ana Maria Sandu recognition as a writer of the first order.”


“With this unexpected and dense novel, the authentic and highly personal poet of up until now has become one of the most original and interesting prose writers in our literature today.”

(Simona SORA, Dilema)

“I venture to say that The Girl from the Oblong House is a novel that sometimes attains the sincerity of poetry. It is a novel about women and with women, with masculinity being represented, more often than not, by grotesque characters, by monsters or clawed rapists, by drunkards or brawlers.”

(Bogdan ROMANIUC, Suplimentul de cultură)

“The The Girl from the Oblong House is a remarkable musical score, in which the pen of poet Ana Maria Sandu encounters her authentic vocation for psychological fiction.”

(Bianca BURŢĂ-CERNAT, Observator cultural)

“The drama/trauma perpetuated strongly individualises this poetic, hallucinatory, sophisticated and ‘feminine’ novel. It is, without doubt, one of the best novels of 2006.”

(Adina DINIŢOIU, Observator cultural)


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