Petru Cimpoesu

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Short stories, "Fiction LTD" collection, Polirom, 2008, 336 pages

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Critics about

“At the antipodes of those authors who tickle their audience by exploiting all the clichés that give us pleasure (a cheap pleasure, recognised and recycled as such), this writer, as original as he is difficult, obliges us to follow him in various fictional experiments, with slippery ladders and textual trapdoors at every step.”


“The author always knows how to tread the fine line between parodic derision and troubling mystery, between farce and psychotic hallucination – a thing not at all within every writer’s reach. Furthermore, he proves to be an acute psychologist/characterologist. An entire gallery of idealistic, delusional, frustrated or obsessed characters, each more picturesque than the next, file through the pages of this multi-layered and captivating novel.”



“Petru Cimpoeşu must have had a lot of patience to have waited until what was his due – at least since the discreet publication of The Tale of the Great Brigand in 2000 – was finally recognised : the fact that he is one of the most important prose writers of the 1980s generation.”

(Bogdan CREŢU)

“The volume Nine Old Prose Pieces. Illicit Fictions opens a long-ranging discussion regarding the avatars of eighties-ist prose and the relation, in hindsight, of the eighties-ists themselves to this type of writing.”


“The Petru Cimpoeşu of the short stories is more lively, more impulsive, less technical, but also more direct than the author of the elaborate novels. The pleasure of narrative is more in evidence and is conveyed to the reader in the form of the joy of reading. Illicit Fictions are games of maturity which the novelist composes as recreation after having become a perfect master of his craft.”

(Horia GÂRBEA)


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