Nicolae Breban

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Short stories, "Fiction LTD" collection, 2008, 560 pages

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Critics about

“A powerful, disquieting style, a style that captivates you, a style that takes you where it will. The reader of Nicolae Breban’s books is never in charge of the situation, but is led, is forcibly borne in the direction the writer wishes. And strangely, the reader feels a kind of masochism, he feels pleasure in allowing himself to be dominated by the writer in this way. Because he is not just any kind of writer, but truly a great writer.”


“The author creates living characters as polemical reactions to modes that were previously legitimated, be it by the classics of the novel, be it by his own text, but this mode of creation becomes at the same time a procedure, a convention.”


"The writer possessed by his literary obsessions, pursued by his characters, by the conflicts and the situations he has imagined. In fact, we might say that he has had no other life than literature."


“The long sentences, many lived intensely, but calmly, throb with a nostalgia that is not nostalgia, a smile that is not a smile.”

(Marius MIHEŢ)


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