Ion Vianu

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Novel, "Prose" collection, Cartea Romānească, 2008, 160 pages, format 130 x 200 mm

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Critics about

“Interest is always aroused by novels written by so-called outsiders, by those such as Dr Ion Vianu (who in 1977 went into self-imposed exile in Switzerland, where he denounced the politicisation of psychiatry in Romania), who see in literature an opportunity to make a symbolic reordering of the past.”

(Ovidiu VERDEŞ)

“Ion Vianu gathers between the pages of the same book different ages of writing, various stages of personal memory, astounding characters, who haunt you. An entire world, produced, literarily speaking, in three dimensions, with all the ‘soundtrack’ of verisimilitude…”

(Tania RADU)

“Clearly, Ion Vianu is an excellent memoir writer. Himself endowed with the gift of remembrance, a depository of an apparently inexhaustible fund of informal histories and family secrets, but lacking any pleasure in idle gossip, probably experiencing in equal measure the burden of those behind-the-scenes truths and of those memories that relate to a vanished past, the psychiatrist who left the Romania of his parents thirty years ago needed to tell a meaningful tale.”


“Novels about communism and post-communism, all novels of despair, have been written, but the recreation of this near past, done exclusively in the register of the pathological (by a specialist in the field, let it be said in passing), has not been done until now.”

(Serenela GHIŢEANU)


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