Horia Ursu

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Novel, "Prose" collection, Cartea Romānească, 2007, 456 pages

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Critics about

“Horia Ursu reveals his real stature in this novel with a capital ‘N’, one of the most important prose works published in recent years. If I try to compare The Siege of Vienna with any Romanian novel similar in its epic structure, problematics and atmosphere, I realise that the precedents are consummately lacking.”


“My Christmas present would be a novel about which too few have heard : The Siege of Vienna by Horia Ursu. This novel, which absorbs its grandeur from the glimmer of little things, events and people, is an astonishing fresco of pre-and, above all, post-revolutionary Transylvania, in which the most powerful presences are the absences, the gaps, as the author calls them : the German gap, the Jewish gap, and, politically speaking, the Eastern gap.”

(Ioan Es. POP)

“A fabulous mythology of the periphery in general, but also a tragicomic parable of post-revolutionary Romania freshly rediscovered as a province of Europe, The Siege of Vienna is not only one of the most remarkable novels of the year, but also a book that consecrates Horia Ursu as one of the strongest contemporary prose writers.”


“After two decades, Horia Ursu fulfils the critics’ predictions and offers us a novel in which epic force, refinement of language, humour, literary subtlety, Gogolian openings toward fantasy, and narrative fluency combine in a dense, crepuscular beauty.”

(Sanda CORDOŞ)


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