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Novel, "Fiction LTD" collection, Polirom, 2008, 272 pages

Copyright: Filip Florian

Translation rights sold to: Magvet§ (Hungary), Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (USA, English world wide rights), Panorama + (Bulgaria), Alcantilado (Spain), Matthes &Seitz Berlin (Germany), Amaltea (Poland)

Critics about

“Among the writers who have recently made a name for themselves, the most ‘exportable’ seems to be, at this moment, Filip Florian. And rightly so : the leisurely and elaborate style of the writings of this discreet and tenacious professional seems to have found its optimal formula under a lucky star.”


“The beauty resides in the phrasing of the stories – a good humoured aestheticism permanently controlled by raw irony and fine parody. A revelation !”


“Filip Florian changes the direction of the ‘flow’ of the new wave of prose writers launched in the ‘Ego. Prose’ collection, and places literature in a new orbit : one of artistic writing, far from auto-fictional intoxication, a crafted writing whose stakes are higher than authenticity and expressivity born from exploration of territories that had remained in the shadows due to historical reasons (sex, drugs, violence – things identifiable, certainly, with the monstrous face of capitalism).”

(Florina P╬RJOL)

“Filip Florian has probably the most effective dose of fictional imagination and cultural density of all those who have made their debut since 1989.”

(Tania RADU)


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