Ruxandra Cesereanu

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novel, "Prose" series, Cartea Romaneasca;, 2007, 264 pages

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Critics about

“Ruxandra Cesereanu’s book The Birth of Liquid Desires looks set to enjoy great success, not merely because it is one of the most refined literary experiments of recent years, but because it is an astonishing compendium of erotic fantasies, which have nothing banal or vulgar about them, and which approach us gracefully, helping us to emerge precisely from banality and tastelessness when it comes to what most absorbs us – the Eros.”

(Dan STANCA, Romānia liberă)

“The title of Ruxandra Cesereanu’s latest book, The Birth of Liquid Desires, is much more than an allusion to Dalí’s painting of 1932, it is the guiding thread of a literary experiment that embodies incipient eroticism, on the lines along which the author has already initiated her readers, in Tricephalos. Ruxandra Cesereanu’s writing is humorous, her observations are subtle, and each portrait comes with its own ambience, which evolves from melancholy to irony, from piety to mockery, to caricature.”

(Alina HORDILĂ, Altitudini)

“We do not yet find ourselves in a dynamic culture of impresarios and image-builders that might turn a writer like Ruxandra Cesereanu into an eccentric star, a corky and delicious VIP, which is to say what she is already, except that not everybody knows it…”

(Luminiţa MARCU, Cotidianul)

“The book contains a number of experimental prose pieces and is entirely consecrated to love or, more generally speaking, the mysterious attraction between women and men. The courage of erotic fantasy, unfettered imagination, and the consummate art of the portrait to be found in this volume are reminiscent of the author’s previous novel, Tricephalos. Ruxandra Cesereanu attacks and dismantles taboos one by one. She investigates the most intimate mechanisms of human relationships and explores a world that is apparently visible, but, in essence, full of unknowns : the miraculous world of men. The Birth of Liquid Desires is a volume full of refinement, but also brimming with a sensuality that is hard to ignore.”

(Claudiu GROZA, Clujeanul)

“Sketches from the pen of an author in an irresistibly ludic frame of mind. Sensual and full of imagination, these prose pieces are anchored in the most prosaic reality at one end, and in the super-reality of the dream and invention at the other. Bizarre, lively, enchanting, and then some !”

(Mircea MIHĂIEŞ, Cotidianul)


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