Dan Coman

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Novel, EGO.PROSE series, Polirom, 2019, 208 pages

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Critics about

“Dan Coman employs a frame narrative in the third person, but this story is sometimes hijacked by passages that suddenly and without warning shift to the first person, in which the character unexpectedly takes on the rôle of storyteller, with the effect of drawing the reader (even) closer to the story. In a less experienced writer, such a procedure would have given the impression of a deliberately shocking experiment. In these things that will never change the gear change seems to fit wonderfully and functions in an organic way. This paradoxical shift is given a definition in the second part of the novel: ‘Love is a strange habit at the best of times, at every age, and in every shape and form. A mechanism that regulates only in order to deregulate. The intensity with which the body tries (in vain) to cope with the mind. The starry sky above and the erotic plant in the head.’ Only Dan Coman could pull off a fragmentary, poetic, rural novel that is at the same time experimental and modern, and which flows just as naturally as the movement of the tides.”

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