Mihai Buzea

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Novel, EGO. PROSE series, Polirom, 2018, 352 pages

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Critics about

 “Mihai Buzea’s story has something all of its own, from the bitter humour with which it’s written to the characters who populate it, whom Buzea sees, hears, smells in his sinewy, nervy sentences, and from which are constructed, in a well-calculated crescendo, the scenes that make up this episode of the novel. The great narrative hook of the episodes from which the novel is constructed is the love story between – let me emphasise – fictional author Mihai Buzea and the daughter of a well-connected Securitate man, a story that begins in the period when they were both at lycée and continues, with various changes of scene, for a few decades thereafter. But what makes you read the novel without being able to put it down is the novelist’s strength as a chronicler, a storyteller. For, Mihai Buzea takes you to the capitals of Europe, he even takes you to America, to California, where life has taken the Mihai Buzea writing the novel.”


“Mihai Buzea wields a sharp verb, a vivid (in places, morbid) spirit of observation, well-orchestrated, swiftly delivered phrasing, coloured from character to character, and he knows too much even about the ‘noble art of getting drunk.’ I’d like to believe that for writer Mihai Buzea, too, putting this ‘damned good’ (as I have described it) novel on paper was an exorcism, an expulsion of demons, the same as it was for his character. At least for the little girl born with the Hungarian mark on her hip. I’d like you to read Mihai Buzea’s Jimmy and I’d also like everybody to benefit from the visit of a personal Jimmy when their lives are adrift.”



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