Cezar Amariei

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Novel, EGO. PROSE series, Polirom, 2018, 208 pages

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Critics about

“Cezar Amariei’s debut novel is as dense as it is captivating. Our Paltry Days takes us back to seventeenth-century Moldavia where, from Galati to Jassy, the Romanian world is a motley tapestry of events and characters firmly rooted in the history of the times and the place. Although it reveals his sources through transparent self-referential subtleties, the narrative does not go over the top with otiose archaisms. On muddy lanes or on log-paved streets, at sumptuous feasts, between coffee, hookahs, vodka and choice wines, in salons thick with opium smoke and the sweat of boyar desires, in church, inn or salt mine, crossing forests and fords on horseback, the characters’ journeys are reminiscent of the adventurous world of Sadoveanu’s The Hawks, and of Constanta Vintila-Ghitulescu’s scholarly investigations of the imaginary.”

(Romania literara)


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