Bogdan-Alexandru Stanescu

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Novel, Ego.Prose series, Polirom, 2017, 256 pages

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Critics about

 ”This is the novel of a sacrificed generation, that of the transition from communism to democracy, and is also one of the first novels dedicated to Bucharest after the Revolution.”

( Observatorul cultural)

”Bogdan Stanescu is one of the most talented writers of the new literary generation in his country. Author of excellent books of poetry, prose and criticism he represents the best of the new post-communist spiritual climate in today’s Eastern Europe.
His Kaspar Hauser (nicknamed Bobitza - berry) confronts a difficult childhood and adolescence in the periphery of Bucharest, among a broken family, a group of violent companions, young, brutal outsiders and his own confused solitude. In the second part of this ambitious novel (made of connected short and longer stories) we find him in a lucid transition towards a sceptical but still reasonable maturity, finally ready to accept his part in the tense and often traumatic pressure of our time. The brilliant modulations and potential of a dynamic, often picturesque style adds vitality, charm and mystery to the narrative.
A subtle and profound coming of age book, astute and colourful, written with passion and intelligence, highly significant for the current disturbing and often overwhelming time of re-evaluations and change.” 



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