Ioan T. Morar

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Novel, Fiction LTD series, Polirom, 2016, 480 pages

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Critics about

The Feast of Tents is a confession about a derisory paradise redecorated with the innocence of indecisive rebels. A dense, labyrinthine novel, in which the mirage of religious belief outdoes the mirage of history.” 

(Marius MIHET)

“In the plot of the novel, the character Beni, like the other two main characters, has multiple connections with what is often pejoratively called the world of the ‘penitents,’ which is to say protestant and neo protestant communities. Of the three, Beni is the only one who is able to see, in a full and subtly outlined way, the deeper meaning of the concept of penitence, which occurs frequently in the Bible. For Beni, penitence is a metanoia, a change of mind. And the discreet trace it leaves on his story is an extraordinary textualisation of this fundamental human experience.” 


“Adapting a real case and imagining a parable of identity, Ioan T. Morar has written a novel that is very current, and which, without making a big show of hard theoretical concepts, debates essential questions in its subtext.” 



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