Ion Iovan

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Novel, Fiction LTD series, Polirom, 2015, 512 pages

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Critics about

 “Ion Iovan demonstrates an astonishing capacity for empathy and achieves a narrative, retrospective, introspective tour de force. M J C also contains a fresco of history and social mores, a fictionalised biography, and prose of moral/psychological analysis. A world for a character and a character as big as a whole world.” 


“Ion Iovan’s novel about the life and times of Mateiu Caragiale is proof that the encounter between one of today’s great talents and a great writer of yesteryear cannot help but produce a masterpiece.” 


“Ion Iovan is like a magician who masters the enchanting world of Mateiu and reconstructs it in writing with the vocation of a demiurge. M J C is a book worth reading not only if you are captivated by the personality of Mateiu, but also, above all, if you still thought that contemporary Romanian literature couldn’t produce memorable books.” 

(Anca VIERU)


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