Ioana Cretoiu

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Short stories, Ego.Prose series, Polirom, 2016, 216 pages

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Critics about

 “Lately, who knows why or how, the literary debuts that have come into my hands have all been very good. Such is the case here too. Ioana Cretoiu brings together twenty one stories in her collection Difficult Choices, stories that cover a broad span of time (roughly half a century of Romanian history), of different calibres, all seductive. The author’s decoupages are almost flawless, you can sense she has control over her prose and that she writes about realities with which she is closely acquainted. The pleasure she takes in storytelling is obvious on every single page. Read one after another, the stories in Difficult Choices are a narrative success and provide captivating reading matter.” 


 “Ioana Cretoiu’s style is direct, simple, without flourishes. In this collection she alternates longer and shorter stories, perhaps to give the reader a breather between two large scale prose pieces, and some of the texts stand up to a second reading. Her prose pieces are enticing, they are page turners, they tempt you to continue reading and to discover yet more characters, happenings, places. I hope that Mrs Cretoiu continues to write and publish because the way she views the world and particularly the way she describes it in writing is invigorating and touched with melancholy.” 

(Ion Valentin CEAUSESCU)

 “In Difficult Choices Ioana Cretoiu has poured out what bugged her, using the reader as a psychotherapist. Perhaps this is ultimately the purpose of literature in general, a purpose which Mrs Cretoiu has arrived at by a roundabout route, after having made a career for herself in architecture and realising that some things require a different kind of pressure valve.” 

(Constantin PISTEA)


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