George Balaita

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Novel, Fiction LTD series, Polirom, 2016, 216 pages

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Critics about

 “What an extraordinary writer George Balaita is ! The Bargain is an enchanting work.” 


“Preserving the ingredients of folk fantasy, also to be found in Creanga (devils, witches, magical objects), in The Bargain George Balaita augments the sensation of lifelikeness through authentic, meticulous descriptions. The Bargain is an original retelling, with Creanga’s fairy story being merely the wax on which prose writer George Balaita imprints the seal of his own inimitable ideas and style. But unlike his novels, this excellent story can also be savoured by a wider public.” 


“The writer glimpses the free electrons in the work of his predecessor, combining some and removing others. Entire passages, allusions and keywords from the work of Creanga can be found processed in invented sequences. Without a doubt, we are talking about aesthetic mastery here.” 

(George NEAGOE)

The Bargain places on the world’s derisory stage the entire cosmic inventory of props, animated by a faux Faustian quarrel. More than anywhere else in his work, the writer from Bacau here embroiders Shakespearian solutions. Even if the errors are complicities and the revelations resignations. The triumph belongs to the inverted compatibilities. In this tale of well controlled errors George Balaita is sparkling in style and provocatively fantastical.” 

(Marius MIHET)


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