Simona Antonescu

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Novel, Prose series, Cartea Romaneasca, 2016, 248 pages

Copyright: Cartea Romaneasca

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Critics about

 “Serafim’s Gift is a collection of beautiful stories, which reminded me of Andrei Ruse’s Zaraza, the novels of Ioana Parvulescu, and even Filip Florian’s masterpiece (in my opinion !) The Days of the King. This is the kind of novel we need in order for the reading public to return to Romanian literature, to seductive, enchanting stories, which will clear the (often frivolous) air of translated commercial novels. I urge you to give Serafim’s Gift a chance ; you will, without a doubt, be pleasantly surprised.” 

(Jovi ENE)

 “Serafim’s Gift confirms what Photographer to the Royal Court had clearly told us : Simona Antonescu is a gifted writer, a hypnotic storyteller (as George Neagoe says), who brings back to life a Romania with a clearer sense of identity and values than the Romania of present times.” 

(Raluca ELGYAR)

 “Both Photographer to the Royal Court and Serafim’s Gift are novels that reconstruct mores. Thanks to their defects and/or qualities, individuals are transformed into recognisable human types. To the benefit of the market, the extra aesthetic surplus attracts other categories of reader. In Serafim’s Gift, high life, economic depression, financial machinations, royal patronage, the consolidation of the Greater Romania, international intellectual and artistic life, and critical debates about the Great War can be found all in one place, without any of them being granted priority. Among so many contrasts, it is the atmosphere that stands out, because behind the narrative flow there is solid documentary research.”

(George NEAGOE)


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