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Short stories, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2015, 224 pages

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Critics about

Slices of Lemon, Anca Vieru’s debut volume, contains twenty short and very short prose pieces, which are amusing, ironic, lemony, about life in a number of its incarnations, be they love affairs, family life, childhood, sadness, tragedy. In brief, Slices of Lemon brings to the surface what is extraordinary in the everyday. And it does it very well!” 


“I saw myself in the woman who ‘illegally’ reads letters and the women who pick up on every detail. I was amused by the glass breakers and the unfortunate man with the scissors under his t-shirt. I was saddened by the leaves and the piano tunes. This collection of stories is worth reading, at least in order to count how many similar situations you have found yourself in up to now. It is strange, unusual how somebody who hasn’t lived your life and doesn’t know you can intuit so many things about you, as if reading your fortune in the coffee grounds.”

(Andra PAVEL,

“Anca Vieru is a genuine prose writer, and there is poetry there too, between the lines. Obviously, I’m not going to tell you what each of the texts is about, but I think it is important that I at least tell you about the starting points of two or three of them… And let me confess how surprised I was, because from the very start, in the introductory story, Rabbit’s Eye, I detected the intention not to bore.”

(Constantin PISTEA,


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