Cristian Teodorescu

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Novel, Prose series, Cartea Romaneasca, 2015, 328 pages

Copyright: Cartea Romaneasca

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Critics about

“An extremely well-written novel, with memorable characters, about what happened to Romanians after 1989.”

(Stelian TURLEA, Ziarul Financiar)

“Cristian Teodorescu’s new novel describes a world familiar to the contemporary Romanian reader, featuring events and types from our everyday life. But the miracle is that the novelist’s artistry makes this world function beyond conjunctures, makes it preserve its coherence even after the realities that inspired it will have become superannuated. The world of the novel is that of Bucharest, traced since 1990, via a character who, willy-nilly, adapts to the twists and turns of the concrete, shaped from the shadows by the people of the old regime.”

(Adriana BITTEL, Formula As)

Avenue of Virtue. The Book of the Dog is a modern novel, with a deep, postmodern structure, stylistically clothed in realist garb. Which is no small achievement, no matter how much literature might resemble an onion.”

(Bogdan-Alexandru STANESCU, Observator cultural)


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