Adrian Schiop

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Novel, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2013, 256 pages

Copyright: Polirom

Translation rights sold to: Liberties Press (Ireland)

Critics about

“Slangy, amusing, permissive, but above all unexpected, and terribly well written (I am not the only one to think so). It’s by Adrian Schiop, it’s published this year by Polirom, and it will remain in your mind. It is The Soldiers: Tale from Ferentari. A book you can bite into deeply and which you’ll want to finish for two reasons that couldn’t be more contradictory: because you’re mad about it, but also because you find it hard to bear the pressure of its reality, a book that is like a punishment you have been waiting for, because you knew it would bring back a little order.” 

(Anca ROMAN,

“A type of prose that I would call hard-core realism, precisely because of the non-counterfeited nature of the transcription. The Soldiers has extraordinary narrative tension, which makes it look like Romanian miserablism’s first thriller. Whreas the format was well outlined from his very first novel, only now has the subject that seems fully to harness Schiop’s talent been identified. There is much humanity and beauty in the residues of this powerful novel, one of the most powerful of recent years.”

(Alex GOLDIS, Cultura)

“When I started reading The Soldiers, I had no idea what kind of a book I was holding. I picked it up out of curiosity, not because it had been recommended to me. And I wasn’t disappointed, although it genuinely shocked me, In the first place, from the very outset the language jumps out at you; it is not only lewd, but downright brutal. In the second place, the subject matter, which is not exactly popular in Romanian literature, or in literature in general, also played a large part in the shock I felt.” 

(Ovidiu LEONTE,


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