Ligia Ruscu

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Novel, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2014, 576 pages

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Critics about

“Through her psychological portraits Ligia Ruscu preserves the charm of the period in itself, while at the same time choosing a language that will resonate with today’s reader. And she wins over the reader through a story that renders history fresh and exciting. She gives the reader the period decorated as elegantly as can be, in a fluid narrative of such vitality as one rarely finds these days. A detective novel that is both political and sentimental, seasoned with a little of everything, and above all with genuine talent.” 

(Marius MIHET, Romania literara)

“I was impressed by the author’s talent at immersing herself in the age, at combining two genres, the historical and the crime novel, in a final product that I read with a pleasure I have not had from a debut novel in a long time. As Marius Mihet also remarks, it is of a naturalness that even the so-called big novelists are unable to capture in their tenth novel. Another quality that struck me was the concealment of a third type of novel beneath the caftan folds of the aforementioned two types: a feminist novel. Sofia Scriban is like that and is constructed as such without overdoing it or being strident. Stylistically, Ligia Ruscu’s novel is a success. The structure is impeccable. The plot is addictive.” 

(Bogdan-Alexandru STANESCU, Observator cultural)

“Rarely does a debut novelist handle dialogue so well, lending it the consistency to forge relations between characters, as Ligia Ruscu does. The novel paves the way for a new writer, of genuine talent, capable of coherent structure, immune to the clumsy mistakes of literary novices.” 

(Ovidiu PECICAN, Apostrof)


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