Mihai Radu

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Novel, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2014, 384 pages

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Critics about

“This is a book written by a natural-born author. Which is to say, I have never read such a good debut novel (or else I can’t remember reading one): it is written with that special writer’s verve, with twists and turns, with a controlled plot, with minute descriptions, with style and instinct, with salt and pepper.”


“A screenplay based on this novel would, I think, stimulate a new generation of directors attentive to Romanian miserablism, something that is savoured in various other parts of the world. Sebastian, the Others and a Dog has already established a new novelist.”

(Cristina MANOLE, Observator cultural)

“With unfailing artistic instinct, Mihai Radu is satirical, without falling into the trap of miserablism, and realistic, with salt and pepper. You recognise the world in his novel, but you also rediscover it from a viewpoint that constantly piques your curiosity and makes you admit that you had never thought of that. His characters, particularly Sebastian, the protagonist, pull you beneath the familiar surface of things, taking you on a highly original expedition that grips you from the very first page, with acerbic observations that are irresistibly humorous.” 



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