Catalin Mihuleac

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Novel, Prose series, Cartea Romaneasca, 2014, 320 pages

Copyright: Cartea Romaneasca

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Critics about

America throughout the Pogrom is a book whose pages, written with suspense and the vividness of cinematic sequences, astonish and move you from beginning to end.”

(Smaranda LIUBOV,

“The novel as a whole is a great success. A story that is bloody and usually little known is reconstructed in detail, through the eyes of a number of key characters. Inserting this story between the American adventures of Suzy, Catalin Mihuleac brings us face to face with one of the blackest pages in our history and indirectly invites us to meditate on episodes not included in the textbooks, which make up the history of the vanquished.” 

(Luminita CORNEANU, Romania literara)

“It is a book which you would like to go on and on, you would like to be able to add pages and chapters, so well constructed and well crafted is it that it absorbs you all the more. It is a book that speaks yet again, with extraordinary talent, about acceptance and tolerance, about guilt, about the past, about the way in which you can harmonise yourself by becoming part of a positive order.” 


“Apart from the documentary, historical information, what fascinated me was the way in which Catalin Mihuleac was able to combine the two stories, to shift registers, to alternate drama and humour, to paint individual, family, national and social portraits in general, regardless of time and space. A genuinely very good novel, which I sincerely recommend!”

(Mihaela BURUIANA,


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