Nora Iuga

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Novel, Fiction LTD series, Polirom, 2014, 296 pages

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Translation rights sold to: Paradox (Bulgaria)

Critics about

 “Harald and the Green Moon is a major success, with a Romanian choreography that leaves less room for improvisation and with a deeper understanding of the movements between suffering and joy, between success and failure.”

(Adriana BITTEL, Formula As)

“In the luxuriant epic of Harald and the Green Moon, life and death, love and hate, the will to dominate and the will to be free all cry out together. The value of Nora Iuga’s novel resides precisely in its oxymoronic format: factual horror and stylistic delectation, blood and poetry, venom and art.” 

(Gabriela GHEORGHISOR , Romania literara)

Harald and the Green Moon is a landmark novel, written using the tools of both a poet and a novelist. In this novel, Nora Iuga has succeeded in achieving, from the inside, the maximalist projection of the Romanian writer: that of being, after multiple totalitarian regimes and despite them, a total writer.”

(Daniel CRISTEA-ENACHE, Observator cultural)

Harald and the Green Moon is a very well made book, particularly given that at its centre there is a question, with an uncertain answer, to do with the baleful nature of maternity.”

(George NEAGOE, Apostrof)


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