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Novel, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2015, 248 pages

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Critics about

“Through the voice of a woman disappointed in marriage, Marriage is an oppressive novel, a book that puts forward a subject that has not been tackled in Romania hitherto and which takes Dan Coman’s writing into an area of realist prose unexplored by him hitherto.”

(Marius CHIVU , Dilema veche)

 “Not since the novels of Zeruyei Shalev have I encountered such a lucid, cynical and unadorned analysis of married life as in Dan Coman’s novel.”

(Bogdan-Alexandru STANESCU, Observator cultural)

“To the extent that literature is a form of imposture, Dan Coman has given us a remarkable book about something similar. An extraordinary, complex, often moving group portrait, which portrays the decline of the contemporary family, the psychological roil specific to marriage today.”

(Alex CIOROGAR, Cultura)

“How many marriages are not like the one in this book? Consumed in silence, like smoking a cigarette alone in the dark. With frustrations and misunderstandings and silences and smoke screens, with all the worst things that can be invented to turn marriage into torture. Dan Coman says that it is possible to escape the torture. How? Read the novel.”

(Constantin PISTEA,


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