Iulian Ciocan

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Novel, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2015, 256 pages

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Critics about

“‘Yesterday Transnistria invaded Moldova’ – this is the alarm signal sounded by the book. ‘I’m fleeing to Romania!’ ‘We have to get out of the city! The Russians are coming!’ cries Nicanor Turturica. The words point to a space in which three states cohabit: the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Russia. All three lie between the Dniester and the Prut. Bessarabia is what lends topographic outline to the whole. The two states migrate now one way, now the other, and this is a mental story: the battle is more in people’s minds than on the ground. The novel describes a time when Russia returns, and 25 June 2020 repeats 28 June 1940.”


“With its engagingly comical names and its ironic psychological observations, the novel is a fresh challenge to the latent, out-dated nationalistic ideas, which, however, are still able to burgeon within the vast Moldovan problem area.”


“Iulian Ciocan takes an X-ray of a crepuscular world, which does not elide a single elementary aspect of genetically modified society. The over-production of amorality erupts everywhere, and those left in the ethical trenches are crushed either by a feeling of fatality or by the barbaric invasions of the spiritual apocalypse. Iulian Ciocan is an expert at illustrating how the social ‘I’ is crushed.” 

(Marius MIHET)


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