Gabriel Chifu

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Novel, “Fiction Ltd” series, Polirom, 2014, 368 pages

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Critics about

“Reading this novel, it is clear to me that Gabriel Chifu is a born novelist; a mere prose writer would not have succeeded in completing such an ambitious project.”

(Mircea PRICAJAN , Familia)

Full Stop and Anew is a novel of psychological analysis, in which tribulations lend inner flesh to the characters. Written excellently, the novel is a model for the literary adaption of the horrors of the communist regime.” 

(Sorin LAVRIC, Romania literara)

“In Full Stop and Anew we have an exceptional novel thanks to the authenticity of its subject matter and its narrative intelligence and subtlety. It is a novel that places a full stop, in a certain sense, after a style of prose, the political novel, which the postmodern prose of the eighties generation had relegated to the background, but without exploding its premises (due to the complicated political context of the 1980’s and censorship). By the change in viewpoint that he brings, by broadening the historical horizon and turning the poetics of the genre upside down, Gabriel Chifu closes a chapter and at the same time opens a new one in the history of the contemporary Romanian novel.” 

(Razvan VONCU, Viata romaneasca)

Full Stop and Anew is a powerful novel, with a profound pedagogical and at the same time soteriological meaning.”

(Luminita CORNEANU, Tarmuri)


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