Adrian Alui Gheorghe

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Novel, Cartea Romaneasca, 2014, 304 pages

Copyright: Cartea Romaneasca

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Critics about

 “By setting his story in a mental hospital, in Laika Adrian Alui Gheorghe creates a fiction that is more authentic than the reality. And at the same time, he teaches us a lesson about how fine the dividing line between normality and the absurd has been in our recent history. An exceptional novel, an enthralling read from the first sentence to the last, a book that will leave nobody indifferent.”

(Razvan VONCU)

 “Adrian Alui Gheorghe has found the ideal setting for his overflowing imagination, a mental hospital full of real or circumstantial nutcases, within which our recent history unfolds. A real-time parody of the parody that was the Romanian Revolution, the conceit is a stroke of genius. Compositionally it is perfect, which is what in fact counts the most in a novel.”

(Dumitru Augustin DOMAN)

 “Adrian Alui Gheorghe has an unusual, slow sense of humour. He is droll and massive at the same time. The comical situations he composes have a certain corpulence, which ranges from gravity to awkwardness, and of which the author is perfectly aware. Most of the time he plays it skilfully.”

(Tania RADU, 22)

 “The literary critics have said that in his previous novel, The Consequence, Adrian Alui Gheorghe demonstrated to us that we have to break with the past through laughter. He does this in his latest novel in abundance. A memorable book, which will make history. Literary history.”

(Nicolae SAVA)


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