Stefan Agopian

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Novel, Fiction LTD series, Polirom, 2014, 152 pages

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Critics about

 “The Textbook of Happenings is a superb short novel, whose pages enclose a world about which it would be hard to speak without paraphrasing. A text which, after a given point, writes itself, succumbing to dizzying (but well-controlled) play with cultural symbols, literary references (ancient, mediaeval, etc.), and a prose of inimitable atmo­sphere, which in fact tackles all the major themes of literature, like a veritable ‘textbook’: the meaning of life, culture, knowledge and wisdom, contemplation versus action, death and redemption.”

(Adina DINITOIU, Romania literara)

 “Sixteen years after first reading this book, I still get the same feeling as then: it is one of the best books ever written in Romanian literature.”

(Bogdan-Alexandru STANESCU , Observator cultural)

 “In this universe, the words have a taste, without any exaggeration, they grow, they shrink, you sense them along with the painting of an ineffable apocalypse, in which can be glimpsed two ancestral figures, Ioan the Geographer and Zadic the Armenian, sewn together in a dialogue of unworldly wisdom and Balkan flippancy, two philosophers of nothingness squabbling, boasting with counterfeit vanity, with hidden meanings, like the great understanding that accompanies madness. Carried away by the book, you never cease to rejoice and to be amazed at this textbook, which, without teaching you anything, shows you everything.”


 “The new edition recently published by Polirom brings Stefan Agopian to the bookshelves of young people who have not yet had time to find out about him. And Agopian – already a classic – does not disappoint, even when read in the controversial year 2015. The time is ripe to observe that his happenings, old, fantastical, but profoundly human, are as immortal as can be. The initiated say of Agopian that he is Romanian literature’s best stylist. I have no reason to contradict them.”

(Andrei CRACIUN , Sapte seri)


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