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Novel, "Ego Prose" series, Polirom, 2006, 440 pages

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Critics about

Theodosius the Small is by far the best book of Romanian prose to have been published this year and is undoubtedly one of the pinnacles since 1989. Likewise, it is a product for export, whose value I do not know whether we genuinely appreciate.”

(Bianca Burţa-Cernat, Observator cultural)

“A splendid book, one such as few have been written in Romania in recent years.”

(Andrei Terian, Cultura)

Theodosius the Small is the (master)work of a maestro. A book that is a classic and a drug, one of the best novels published in Romania since 1990.”

(Paul Cernat, Dilemateca)

“The characters in Theodosius the Small are cruel, conniving, slanderous and megalomaniacal. They have all the traits of important people. What remains is the ironic style in which the characters vie with each other as they wage bitter battles for territory. Undoubtedly, when telling his tale Razvan Radulescu always has a moral, a theme, a gripe, a polemical position. For this reason, Theodosius the Small is written with grace ; it does not parody, it does not pastiche, it tells a story for the young but above all for grown‑ups. We have been able to benefit from publication of this book in order to infiltrate the world of Razvan Radulescu, author of the novel Theodosius the Small and screenwriter of the film The Death of Mr Lazarescu.”

(Ovidiu Simonca, Observator cultural)

“The story is so wonderfully well told and constructed that it is addictive.”

(Mihai Iovanel, Gandul)

“Screenwriter Razvan Radulescu is passionately lucid, a master of febrile action viewed coolly. But my favourite is the novelist : the latter represents a more friendly and playful side of the same great talent.”

(Andrei Gorzo, Ziua)


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