Radu Mares

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Novel, Fiction LTD series, Polirom, 2012, 312 pages

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Critics about

 “A fairytale constructed in an interesting, intelligent, unexpected way, with a surprise ending. The most interesting shift I found in Red Shift is this: the shift from words (stories, storytellers, conversations, confessions) to silence (key interlocutors who refuse to tell their story), and thence to revelation.” 

(Lucia T)

 “Under the pretext of a letter to a faraway recipient, the novel recounts the story of two lives that intersect for a short time in post-revolution Romania. Apart from what the characters do and recount, let us note the writer’s pleasure in writing prose, in constructing a novel. His phrasing is always careful, his pages closely packed, and each scene is constructed as the visible part of an as yet inaccessible whole.”

( Stelian TURLEA)

 “A chronicle of the mores of communist and post-communist Romanian society, an epistolary, psychological, mystery novel, Red Shift has all the ingredients required in order to make a captivating read: suspense, eroticism, mystery, drama, although it skilfully avoids the sensationalism that might otherwise accompany such elements.” 

(Florin IRIMIA)

 “It is a book which, in its sunniest passages, possesses a youthful tone I have rarely found even in books by writers much younger than Radu Mares.”



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