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Novel, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2012, 248 pages

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Critics about

 “To me this book was a revelation: childhood does not have any punctuation marks; it has no commas, full stops, or quotation marks. I read it all exactly as it was written, which is to say with pleasure, all in one go, as one long sentence in which I was able to discover myself.” 


 “You discover yourself in the book, a discovery that is fundamental, and what you also discover is that you had almost the same childhood as the kid in Chivu’s book. Adrian Chivu does not just tell a story, he tells it with incisiveness and an extraordinary ability to go back in time to childhood, to the present tense of childhood, so that you have the impression of going back in time when you read it.” 


 “From the very first page Adrian Chivu’s book took my breath away. The main character lives without pause, without taking breath, without a single moment’s respite, and at the age of eleven he comes up against all life’s delights, from scraps to falling in love, from playing truant and smoking to lessons at school and tidying up on Saturdays.” 

(Tudor Calin ZAROJANU)

 “Besides the comic note, I also detected here a special sensibility, akin to the evolving personality of a child. All the characters in The Street, and I mean the children in particular, seem not to live for amusement alone. In this sense, I noticed how well Adrian Chivu has emphasised early maturity.” 

(Constantin PISTEA)


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