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Adrian Schiop was born in Porumbacu de Jos, Sibiu County, in 1973. He studied Psychology and Educational Sciences at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj and took an MA in Linguistics at the same university. At the National School of Political Science and Public Administration he researched a doctoral thesis on the subject of manele (a fusion of Turkish, Balkan and oriental folk music and the urban, generally Roma, subculture surrounding it). He has also taught Romanian language and literature (Tehnofrig Industrial Lyceum, Cluj, 1997-2001), and worked as a painter and decorator (Paintech ltd., Auckland, New Zealand, 2002) and journalist (Evenimentul Zilei, Prezent, Romania libera, 2004-2010). He made his literary debut in Fracturi (2002) and has published two novels: straight/queer...

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Novel, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2013, 256 pages

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Eager to make his life easier, a journalist with homosexual proclivities gives up the press and women and goes back to university to write a doctoral thesis on manele. For the purposes of research, he moves to the poorest district of Bucharest, Ferentari, an area still stuck in the anarchy of the 1990’s and where petty crime reigns supreme. He finds himself in a world of contrasts, peopled with vagrants, ex cons and junkies, a closed, harsh community, no place for the faint of heart. Besides thugs and brawlers, however, he also meets somebody prepared to show his sensitive side, at least every now and then: Alberto, a ex-con from a notorious family of crooks, who has discovered in prison that he is also attracted to men.

The novel The Soldiers: Tale from Ferentari won the Observator cultural Prize and the Best Book of the Year Award at the Romanian Publishing Industry Gala, 2014.


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