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Mihai Radu was born on 6 August 1978. He graduated from the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Jassy with a Degree in Philosophy. He is a journalist for the Catavencii weekly. He is the author of a collection of short prose, Hobby and Other Stories (2009), and in 2013, he published a collection of articles with Simona Tache, titled Women Are from Venus, Men from the Pub. The novel Sebastian, the Others and a Dog is his debut...

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Novel, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2014, 384 pages

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Sebastian is a bachelor. He works at the town hall and is an aspiring writer and potential criminal. Gratiela is a mother, cheated wife, and television presenter. She is trying to start an organic farming business. The lives of the two intersect on numerous occasions and in the most unexpected ways, but a serious relationship doesn’t seem to be on the cards. He is caught up in problems with the law, his depressed single father, a sick dog that he didn’t even want and the almost compulsive need to analyse every detail of his life, which often leads him to absurd conclusions. She is finding it difficult to divide her time between her career and her daughter, while trying to forget a marriage now in ruins, something that proves very difficult. Their stories, along with those of their parents, friends and colleagues, come together in Sebastian, the Others and a Dog, a book about personal fears that need to be overcome, about aspirations and failures, about unrequited love and real life, which never matches up to the fantasies of youth.


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