Filip Florian

Filip Florian (b. 16 May 1968, Bucharest) – between 1990-99, he worked as a journalist and editor for the Cuvintul (The Word) weekly and then as a correspondent for the Free Europe and Deutsche Welle radio stations. He spent five years in the mountain town of Sinaia writing his first novel Little Fingers, which was published to great critical acclaim by Polirom in 2005. Greeted as the work of a distinctive and original new voice, the novel was awarded the Romania literara (Literary Romania) magazine Prize for Debut, the Romanian Writers’ Union Prize for Best Prose Debut, and the National Union of Employers Prize for Excellence. Together with Matei Florian, his younger brother, Filip Florian published the unusual dialogic novel The Baiut Alley Lads (Polirom, 2006), also warmly praised by critics and the reading public alike. In 2007, second editions of both books were printed. Little Fingers has been published in Hungary (Magvetö, 2008), Germany (Suhrkamp, 2008), Poland (Czarne, 2008), Spain (Acantilado, 2009) and the USA (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009), and will be published in Italy (Fazi), Slovenia (Didakta) and Slovakia (Kalligram). The Baiut Alley Lads has been published in Poland (Czarne, 2009), the UK (Plymouth University Press, 2010), Spain (Acantilado), and Bulgaria (Panorama +). The Days of the King has been published in Hungary (Magvetö, 2009), and was published in the USA in 2011 (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt).


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