Ruxandra Cesereanu

Ruxandra Cesereanu (b. 1963). She was a student at the Faculty of Letters, Cluj, graduating in 1985. While at university, she trained as an editor with Echinox magazine. Since 1991, she has been an editor for the Steaua cultural review in Cluj. In 1997, she was awarded her PhD, for a thesis on The Hell of the Prison Camps as reflected in the Romanian Awareness. She is currently a university lecturer in the Comparative Literature department of the Faculty of Letters in Cluj. She is a member of the staff of the Cluj Centre for Research into the Imaginary. She has been awarded numerous bursaries and tenures, in Prague, Barcelona, New York, Paris, and Lyon, for research into the concentration camp universe. She made her literary debut in 1989, with the prose collection Journey through Mirrors. This was followed by Purgatories (1997), Tricephalos (2002), and Nebulon (2005). She has also published collections of poetry : Living Zone (1993), The Garden of Delights (1993), Fall above the City (1994), The Schizoid Ocean (1998, 2006), The Crusader-Woman(anthology, 1999), Venice with Violet Veins: The Letters of a Courtesan (2002), Kore-Persephone(2004). Likewise, she has gained recognition for her political essays: Journey to the Centre of Hell: The Gulag in the Romanian Awareness (1998), Panopticum: Political Torture in the Twentieth Century (2001), The Violent Imagery of Romanians (2003), December ’89: Deconstruction of a Revolution (2004), The Gulag in the Romanian Awareness: The Memoirs and Literature of the Communist Prisons and Camps (2005), Romanian Vices (2007).



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