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Francisko Kocsis was born in 1955. He is a poet, prose writer, and translator. He has previously edited Vatra magazine. He has worked with various publications, including Romania literara, Luceafarul, Vatra, Observator cultural, Orizont, Convorbiri literare, Poesis, Familia, Transilvania, and Viata Romaneasca. He has published numerous collections of poetry, including The Prophet’s Umbrella (1998), Inner Ocean (2000), Barcode (2002), Sunday Alterity (2004), Something passes close (2009), Protracted Melancholies (2012), Identity Test (2015), and Ant Vinegar (2016), a collection of short stories, Walks with Freud (2006), and A Novel in a Small Station (Polirom,...

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Short stories, EGO. PROSE series, Polirom, 2018, 240 pages

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A pilot flies hundreds of kilometres by night, risking his life to “kidnap” his brother from Romania, who has fallen into the hands of the communists. Their mother, formerly a baroness, confined to a wheelchair after an accident, is left behind to end her days in solitude after her two sons leave and all her property is confiscated. Galaga, the village’s former night watchman, cannot rid his mind of an incident from long ago, when a huge dog, like a white ghost, attacked him and tore his thigh to pieces. He managed to escape after wounding the dog in the mouth with a pruning knife, but before his eyes constantly appears the image of Ilie, who after that night appeared with a wounded face. After he falls down on the station platform in Vienna, Peter Halmer seems to have lost his memory. Taken to hospital, he awakens the interest of Freud, since, although he does not know his name or where he came from, he speaks a number of languages perfectly. But Peter vanishes after drinking with two men who claim to be his brothers, leaving the doctor a letter that will shake him to the core.

Rural, urban, supernatural, these short stories and others make up a mosaic that bring to life characters and events from other worlds and other times.


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