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Mariana Gorczyca graduated with a Degree in Literature in 1983 and a Degree in Journalism and Communication in 2002, and was awarded a PhD in Philology in 2007. Polirom published her first novel, You Don’t Organise a Party, It Happens by Itself (2005), and On Either Side of the Tunnel: 1945 (2019). Her other novels are Cadence for an Erotic March (2010, 2016; translated in French as Cadence pour une marche érotique); Route (2013; translated in Hungarian as Az utolsó ütés). Her other published works include Poems for the Main Break (2002), Let’s Do Everything... Literary Magazines and Communist Ideology (2007), Let Me Take the Words with Me: Seven Stories in Seven Days (2016). She has been included in a number of anthologies of prose. She publishes in...

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Novel, EGO. PROSE series, Polirom, 2019, 192 pages

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 Is this novel the story of two ethnic German lovers, she remaining in Sighisoara, he deported to Stalino, or is it the story of one of the most tragic years of the twentieth century? The two narrative strands reinforce each other in a novel in which everything is cast into doubt: sisters, brothers, the white of snowdrifts, the black of coke, Nazism and Communism . . . One of the few books in Romanian literature in which you can discover what life was like in Transylvania’s Saxon community, whose numbers fell drastically after the Second World War, during the Ceausescu regime, and in the nineties, On Either Side of the Tunnel is a novel of multiculturality and memory


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