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Cristian Fulas was born in Caracal on 3 July 1978. He studied Literature at university and then Literary Theory as a postgraduate. He made his literary debut in 2015 with Swaths of Shame (Observator cultural Prize for Debut; Liviu Rebreanu Colloquia Prize; Accente Prize; nominated for the Writers Union Prize for Debut; nominated for Ziarul de Iaşi Book of the Year). Excerpts from the novel have been translated into French, Italian, German, English, Bulgarian, Croat, Swedish and Hungarian. In 2015, he published Diary of a Debutant. He has translated around fifty books from English, Italian, and French, including Christophe Bataille’s The Dream of Machiavelli, Mathias Énard’s Tell Them of Battles, Kings and Elephants, Jenny March’s Classic Myths, and...

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Novel, EGO. PROSE series, Polirom, 2019, 256 pages

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There are journeys to the end of the night, but equally there are journeys to the end of the day, which never stop beginning or ending and whose aim, if ever there was an aim, is life. It is the same in After Crying, a book about a lonely man in a world of lonely people, a soliloquy about the inability to speak when every word is wrong. What cannot be glimpsed, however, in this mixture of text and narrative play is the possibility of recreating a social field. For, if there is one thing that is truly lost as part of addition – something almost impossible to recover – it is precisely belonging to any kind of society. The fata morgana of every addict who has given up drugs or alcohol is belonging to a social field, to a group, to a form of normality. The main character of the book has no name because he has lost the possibility of having a name, in his fall he has lost his very identity. And in the absence of a name everything can be said, everything is possible and, at the same time, impossible, the literary text is life and life is a literary text, and every boundary is erased before it can exist.


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