Gabriela Adamesteanu

Gabriela Adamesteanu, novelist, essayist and journalist. Graduated with a degree in literature, she worked as editor of encyclopedic and literary publishing houses (1965 – 1990). After 1991, she ran ”22” magazine, a highly influential weekly (1991-2005), and its literary supplement ”Bucureštiul Cultural” (2005-2014). Vicepresident (2000-2004) and president of the Romanian Pen Club (2004-2006), Chevalier des Ordres des Arts et des Lettres (2013). Her novels (The Equal Way of Everyday, Wasted morning, The Encounter, Provisional) and short storys (Give Yourself a Holiday, Summer-Spring) has won many national awards, are constantly reprinted and translated in 16 languages.
Her work masterfully highlights the interplay between memory and the present-day, history and destiny. The texture of her fiction is frequently a synthesis between her precise writing and colloquial speech / stream of consciousness.


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