Mihai Buzea

Mihai Buzea (b. 1971) studied Philology at university, graduating in 1996, and received his MA in 2005. He has been a teacher, insurance salesman, and contributor to Academia Catavencu (2005-2010). He has been a reporter for Catavencii since March 2010. His other occupations have included handyman, dog walker, translator, babysitter, Santa Claus, thesis ghostwriter, waiter, and night watchman. In the 1990s, he worked as a small trader (Prague, Istanbul, Krakow), in the 2000s, as a labourer (Budapest, Paris, Lyon), and as a copywriter (Bucharest). When Britain opened up to Romanian labour (1 January 2014), he went to London, where he learned the trade of arborist. In 2015 and 2016, he continued to work seasonally, describing the experience in his reportage novel Gastarbeiter, which Polirom published in 2017.


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