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Cezar Amariei was born in Stefanesti, Botosani, in 1973. He studied Literature at the Lower Danube University, Galati, graduating in 1997. He is a journalist and has written articles for Adevarul, Ziarul Financiar, and, and has worked with the Mediafax Press Agency and ProTV. He made his debut at the age of sixteen with two satirical sketches that appeared in Moftul galatean and a humorous story in Papagalul. He did not return to fiction until 2018, when he took a creative writing course taught by Marin Malaicu-Hondrari. He is a member of Nodes and Signs, the Galati literary circle. Passionate about history and book collecting, he organises exhibitions of rare books and maps. Our Paltry Days is his debut...

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Novel, EGO. PROSE series, Polirom, 2018, 208 pages

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In seventeenth-century Moldavia, a young dandy, a journalist from London, disembarks in Galati with plans to set up a printing press on these enchanting, bounteous shores, convinced that he will strike it rich. Unfortunately, no sooner has he disembarked than the porter carrying the chest containing his letter press and cast metal sorts falls into the icy Danube. From this moment there begins a story that captivates not through heroic deeds, but through paltry incidents, through atmosphere and language, through the customs, superstitions and misadventures of the characters. Taking refuge from everyday reality in history and the fantastical, Cezar Amariei builds a bridge to the present and brings into discussion problems that have remained unsolved for more than three hundred years.


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