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Nicolae Strambeanu was born in 1956. His books include : The Gospel According to Arana (2004; awarded the Romania literara Prize for Debut), The Letter You’ll Never Read (2006; nominated in 2007 for the Cuvintul magazine Book of the Year for Lycée Students Prize and the Prize for Prose of the Timisoara Branch of the Romanian Writers Union), The Water Tower (2008; nominated in 2009 for the Ziarul de Iasi National Prize for Prose), Rookies, Squaddies and Veterans (How We Spent Our National Service) (2008, co author, anthology edited by Radu Paraschivescu) and Profane Psalter (2009,...

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Novel, Fiction LTD series, Polirom, 2016, 232 pages

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Arriving in London at the end of the seventeenth century, the narrator, originally from the Caribbean, bears out the theories of the time regarding the “noble savage” and gains a thorough education, working as an engraver among the scholars and philosophers who make up the Invisible College. Unwillingly caught up in complicated political conflicts (battles between the Whigs and the Tories, attempts to deprive the future King James II of his throne, shifting alliances during the colonial wars between England, Holland, Spain and France, and enmity between Catholics and Protestants), he becomes a persona non grata in England and goes to Holland to pursue his career. He is sent on a dangerous mission to France and finally, trying to return to his native land, he ends up in northern Spain, in a cave in a “valley of wolves.” The savage has the destiny of a saint, whereas the oppression and execution of political foes in the so called civilised world form an exemplary contrast with the transfiguration of the detested Other. Friday in a Valley of Wolves is a captivating and disturbing novel about transformation and one man’s attempt to adapt to an unfamiliar civilisation.


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