Vasile Ernu

Vasile Ernu (b. 1971) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy ("Al.I. Cuza" University, Jassy, Romania, 1996) and a Master’s Degree in Philosophy ("Babes‑Bolyai" University, Cluj, Romania, 1997). He is one of the founding editors of Philosophy&Stuff magazine and an associate editor of Idea arta+ societate magazine. He has been an active member of the Idea and Tranzit foundations and of Idea Publishing House. He is a publishing adviser for Polirom Publishing House. His first book, Born in the USSR (Polirom, 2006), is to be translated into Russian and published by Ad Marginem, Moscow. The book has been nominated for the following prizes : the Cuvintul magazine Prize for Debut, the Observator Cultural magazine Prize for Fiction and Memoirs, the Romania Literara Prize for Debut, the Romanian Writers’ Union Prize for Debut, and the Anonimul Foundation Opera Prima Prize. The book has been awarded the Romania Literara magazine Prize for Debut and the Romanian Writers’ Union Prize for Debut. It is the first book in Romania to be accompanied by a visual and audio extension on the web:


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